Supercut: All trailers are the same


I will have to watch later, but if you are a Star Wars fan you HAVE to watch Red Letter Media’s reviews on the Prequels. They are broken up in to ~10min segments, but they are about an hour long. HILARIOUS. They have a lot of dark humor that I like, but he has some film background so he is able to articulate WHY they were so bad, as well as point out the good parts.


Don’t forget “Give away any major plot development that happened to make it through scripting process.”


Phylogeny Recapitulates Ontogeny

"Imagine a world ruled by Guinea Pigs… from director Michael Bay, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. and written by M. Night Shyamalan … Mr. Squeakers … (Coming July 2019) .

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Watched that yesterday and got a kick out of it, i’m a huge fan of RLM. I love their brutal honesty when it comes to hollywood and hype BS.

This after they discovered that all Transformers movies are exactly the same movie shot slightly differently.


I thought they just tossed a bunch of old circuit boards and crappy broken toys in a clothes drier with a GoPro camera.


I feel so dirty watching this… wanting to see this film, that I’ve ready seen countless times already

I wish directors directors make their own trailers more often !
Red Letter Media make really good stuff, I’m a great fan of “Best of the Worst” and “Wheel of the Worst”, that’s really funny and interesting. I wish Nanarland did the same in France.

I watched those reviews just last week, and I can’t agree with you more. In high school, I had a thespian & movie buff english teacher who taught us how to watch films critically and pay attention to things like framing, composition and lots of other choices directors, producers and writers make. This has made me a really bad person to watch movies with because I pick them apart mercilessly, and have a hard time just letting go and watching.

Back on track, yes, the redletter media reviews of the prequels are awesome, and while they’re from the perspective of a fan of the OT, the reviews have lots of valid complaints along with some praise of what was done passably well.

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I love it where somebody says to somebody in obvious danger: “Run!”. Because that presumably never occurred to the person on their own – that danger can be avoided by getting away from it.

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Somebody should have said to Charlize Theron’s character in Prometheus: “Run to the side!”, because that, unfortunately, did not occur to her.

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Mad TV did one many years ago about every chick flick (Maid in Manhattan, Pretty Woman etc etc etc) starring Julia Roberts/Jennifer Lopez etc and Hugh Grant etc who is a famous lawyer/doctor/author who’s lonely because he’s so rich in a movie that could only be filmed in New York/Chicago/San Francisco/Seattle oh screw it we’re going to Toronto and filming it on the cheap.

You would be surprised how many people freeze up in situations of extreme danger. But yes, in general, this is exceedingly silly.

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