Supercut of hot typewriter action in TV and movies

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My local scrounger/handyman, a true looker / diver of the dumpster kind extraordinaire. He unearthed in perfect condition [not pictured below] a Royal from the 30’s, still in the original box too. He only wanted $50.00 for it, but I didn’t have the heart to take it, it must be worth more…


When I got in the zone I used to be able to make an IBM Selectric III sing and dance so fast my co-workers thought I was faking it. That machine was truly the Peak Typewriter, so well made you could put a sheet you’d already typed on it back in and everything would line up without any fiddling.
Also too: one of the glories of the futuristic/dystopian teevee series “Max Headroom” was that they used computer keyboards that came from old Royals or Underwoods. Can’t find a pic.

Also used to have one of these. A gorgeous little thing, won every imaginable design award, but a lousy typewriter because the keys jammed all the time. Olivetti Lettera 22.


Needs more Naked Lunch.


aww no clip from Brazil? (also pretty sure any version of The Front Page (1974 or 1931) would have some hot typewriter cuts)


I’m much more interested in the typewriters than the movies.
Remember the first season of Mad Men, when they used a Selectric II by mistake? The original Selectric was brand new at that setting time.


Yeah, should have been the curvy Selectric I’s I still have a symbol ball and the card showing what symbols are mapped to each key for typing mathematical equations.

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Well you see, if typing at a rate in excess of 90 wpm for more than twenty minutes in temperatures in excess of 95f, the action on the typewriter could become quite hot indeed.


Not a typewriter, but I was still disappointed to note the lack of any Linotype action. (as seen in the trailer for “The Paper.” Because THAT is the real “Hot Type.”

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