Supercut of "pandummies" spewing nonsense at public hearings and school board meetings

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Yes, these people are idiots. Feel free to laugh at them. Just also bear in mind that they’re part of a larger right-wing effort to chase out members of the “reality-based community” from local school boards, town councils, and health authorities. These are the institutions that the Dem leadership has traditionally ignored as too smalltime to merit their time and support and that the GOP leadership has successfully leveraged as grassroots power bases and farm-team talent-spotting venues. Taking them over or rendering them ineffective is just another element of the American right’s attempt to undermine liberal democracy.


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And everywhere else, it turns out - the reality-denial is spreading to every corner of US politics, it seems. Like in this story:

Someone worked hard to get a region declared a “heritage” area, so locals could get federal money to encourage tourism, and it gets opposed by someone operating entirely on conspiracy theories about what that meant, working tireless to spread the conspiracy theories until it became a hot-button local political issue and rallying point for conservatives to deny reality in other ways, too.


Traditionally the places where civic-minded people begin their political careers. Hard to imagine many people who genuinely care about the issues wanting to submit themselves to that kind of abuse now.

This garbage is poisoning the well for the next generation of elected officials across the country.


(Sigh) So many turds in the gene pool…


What the actual fuck?


This is Republican politics, now: base your political positions on obvious, easily debunkable lies (CRT, etc.), but then simply refuse to acknowledge the reality no matter how many times those lies are debunked. Then get people murderously angry about it. It’s pretty grim to think that only one political party is even dealing (however ineptly) with reality at all these days, much less that the other party has people willing to threaten and potentially murder over obvious lies, but here we are.


It’s just … it’s a heritage area. The most harmless, positive thing there is


And the reality does. not. matter.

Either something has a scary name (e.g., “critical race theory,” and I just saw some conservative legislators’ “can’t be taught in schools” freak-out list that included some chemistry terms because they didn’t understand what “radical” meant in that context… yes they are, indeed, that dumb), or because the evil Federal government is involved, in which case it doesn’t matter how great the actual program is (there’s an exemption for programs that already benefit these people because those aren’t “really” federal programs, or something). Rural red state conservatives seem to be really het up right now about anything federal, as something to be opposed by any means necessary.


Funny because it’s true.

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