Supercut of Quentin Tarantino's foot fetish

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Is there such a thing as foot squick? Cuz I think that’s me. Not other people’s feet. Just my own. I’d amputate mine and replace them with strong, unstubbable hooves if it were medically feasible.


What is that soundtrack? It’s a spanish version of a familiar song, but I can’t remember the name of the original…

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It’s one of the songs from Kill Bill. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood, by Santa Esmeralda

I think it’s an Italo track. Can’t say I have a lot of familiarity with Italo, even though I’m fairly into EDM. My tastes lie more in hardstyle, dubstep, trance, and hardcore.

He’s a great director, and probably a really interesting guy to hang out with, but there’s no way I would let a podophile move into my neighborhood.


I’ma going with this.

The Animals, ah ha! I knew that riff was from somewhere.

I suspect it is pretty common. In art school/circles, I encountered many people who absolutely loathed drawing feet. It is very common for novices to dislike drawing hands and avoid it because they are complex, but it seems people hate feet because they think they’re just plain ugly. I used to think that way too and had the biggest complex about my own feet but I kinda grew out of it. I think my daughter’s feet helped changed my perception: She had such adorable, perfect little feet- very much miniature, pristine versions of my husband’s- that there was no way I couldn’t appreciate it. I still wouldn’t be caught dead wearing sandals but I no longer have a horror of feet.


Guess he learned from the master: Luis Buñuel was notorious for this.

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Every time somebody was licking feet in that clip, I felt the squick.

Now my feet are actually kinda gross, thick calluses from running so some kind of blister or dead skin is always peeling, a broken toe that healed slightly crooked, and sort of muscular to boot since I quite like Vibram 5 fingers for running.

Don’t bother me a bit to look at, unless somebody is trying to lick them.

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@Seki and @anon75430791

For me it’s more, I dislike my feet functionally. I had both big toenails removed after one ingrew and got an astoundingly painful infection. I decided I didn’t want to deal with that again, so I asked the doc to pull them out and kill the nailbed, which she did.

Other things include: As a kid I stepped on a lot of bad stuff, a wasp nest, broken glass, a nail, dogshit, slugs, barnacles, a jellyfish. My idea of bodily mutilation horror fits neatly into stepping on a lego, and the shot of Beatrice stepping on the eyeball squicked me out.

Feet are too vulnerable for walking around on.


Now do Joss Whedon.

Lego is nothing compared to one of these


Ours are “sharper”, but I’ve only seen one or two out in the wild that have a 90-degree neck, whereas in the EU, most plugs have the 90-degree corner, making them good caltrops.

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Speaking of electrical plugs, I gotta mention that my favorite by far is Denmark’s. It’s like they looked at the US style, thought “now that seems rapey, why don’t we make the plug and socket look like they’re enjoying themselves?”


Yes! I love that song, even though the peak of the Animals’ popularity was before I was born. :wink:
Funny how a tune taken out of context is so hard to recognize.

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