Realistic rubber feet


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  1. Trick or treat.
  2. Smell my feet.
  3. ???


Fineas J. Footertoot’s Fun Fuckin’ Feet


Belladonna is laughing her way to the bank.


A thousand and one uses!!!



> …there is one left foot, one right foot, and a bottle of lube.

um, why?


In case you’re jealous of your neighbor who found a foot while beachcombing…


and a free bottle of lube.

That closed the deal for me.


Well, up until the part about the lube I was wondering what anyone would do with realistic rubber feet.


My Uncle Lionel was fond of reminding us that there’s an ass for every feet.


I’ve owned these for 6 years, and rarely take them out of the box. I can smell the material at least 6 feet away.

Well there’s the guys problem. You need to leave them out so they can hopefully out gas what ever it is making the smell.


Remember, feet aren’t fetish, they are an integral part of the body, as worthy of attention as the back, or the more sexual parts. Just because some slobber away at feet doesn’t mean they can’t be part of a healthy sexual life. To dismiss them as fetish (and this doesn’t help) means they are doomed to be outside many limits, so they won’t normally ve part of sex play.


Mine, too, are highly realistic.


Oh, that’s nothing, believe me.

A quick glance at the “Don’t buy it!” series about the most ill-thought sex toys out there will remove the last remaining traces of faith in your fellow humans…


I really don’t want to know why people are buying these


A podophile’s (foot fetishist) dream.


I don’t think most people consider a “fetish” a bad thing, per se.


Here, here!


Feet. Ha.
The rest of the world is using centimeters.


You don’t really want an answer to that question, do you?