Supergirl actress Melissa Benoist brought the best sign to Saturday’s Women’s March


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I smell awesomeness!


I’m a fan of this sign.

Because the art nouveau lettering adds to the contrast.


They should have been wearing white, but otherwise it’s perfect!


made me love her even more!


Purple and green were also suffragette colours.* Notice that the sashes are tricoloured.

*with a “u” since they’re in the UK.


Indeed, Unison, the union I’m a member of, got their colour scheme from the Women’s Suffrage Movement; Purple and Green.


My Flickr set of the Portland protests has a lot of great signs:

(I also heard some great chants:

“We will not
Go away

“We need a leader
Not a creepy Tweeter!”


Two of my favorites here in Atlanta were a photo of Trump yelling with “Does this ass make my sign look big?” written beneath, and “Melania – blink twice if you need help!”

Yeah, I know – mean-spirited examples in an otherwise upbeat, uplifting march, but they did give me a chuckle.


“Does this ass make my sign look big?” is probably one of the less mean-spirited anti-Obama posters.



Just when I thought I couldn’t find Melissa Benoist (or Ian McKellen) any more adorable, they go and do things like this.
Utterly delightful.


No Woman of Kleenex here!


My friend made a similar sign. He got more picture requests than Slave Leia at Star Wars Celebration.


Here’s a better look.


I may not enjoy the show any more, but I admire this young lady!



Ian McKellen holding a Patrick Stewart sign is meta as f**k. Even Magneto can’t stand this.


Excellent! If Trump tried to grab it, she’ll squeeze and break it off!