Superman now officially fights for "a better tomorrow" instead of the American way

If Superman is in a hurry, he could just be fighting for “Be best.”

Different era? :smiley:


If the conservatives wanted him to stay a nationalist cheerleader they shouldn’t have turned down his refugee visa application on the basis that he didn’t enter the country through an authorized border checkpoint.


Worse he was originally a pretty much explicit New Deal Democrat.

Early Superman beat up land lords and bankers. Backed union strikes.

And shit He’s basically in Antifa

Also he loves his Bisexual son.


So is this Clark Kent’s son, or Clark Kent who is Superman?

I didn’t realize that “the American way” was still a slogan used. Once could argue “the American way” is to strive for “a better tomorrow”.

While this is probably a long overdue freshen up, the cynic in me thinks this change is to set up future branding/marketing that will play will in China.

But anyway, queue people who haven’t thought about Superman in 40 years losing their minds.


I’ll allow that. American right-wingers have about the same understanding of what socialism and communism is as the counterrevolutionary Stalin did.

And I would say a hard “No” to that.


A lot of conservatives were upset with the version of the slogan used in the 2006 movie Superman Returns:


That’s pessimistic. Most Americans would at least say they are working towards “a better tomorrow”, even if they don’t live up to that or even support policies that will meet that goal.

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Omni man approves of this too!


“Those who fail to learn from Cabaret are condemned to repeat it.”


Not to mention that time he renounced his U.S. citizenship back in 2011.



And if you aren’t American? What then?

I’m sure that Chile was working towards “a better tomorrow” on September 10th 1973 too, but not so much the next day when Pinochet had his American backed coup.

My better tomorrow not only has no nationalism, it has no nations. So The American Way is not a better tomorrow for me.


Peace, Joy, Pancakes.


i think the problem is that many americans view a better tomorrow as expanding american white culture. everything is judged by that standard.

superman’s upbringing in white culture and that he’s white passing allows conservatives to see his might as theirs. they see him adopting white culture – just like everyone should because it’s the best :tm:

to me this how well meaning people support racism. unless people are actively against racism - the “good intentions” inevitably support it

the ( white ) american way isn’t the only way, and - honestly - “better tomorrows” would be a better way of differentiating that than “a better tomorrow”


Mmm - my point was that the two terms could be seen as analogous if one wanted them to be. In other words, not get bent out of shape over it because what does “the American way” mean in that context? Could “a better tomorrow” be part of “the American way”? Yes.

Could “a better tomorrow” be something else to someone else? Yes.

That’s the thing with slogans and symbols, one can apply their personal meaning to them.

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And what about all of the other people marching in the streets for equality and justice? Are they not also fighting for “a better tomorrow”?

Like I said above, “That’s the thing with slogans and symbols, one can apply their personal meaning to them.”

For example, a common chant at protests, “Whose streets? Our streets!” What does that mean? It entirely depends on the context of the protest. It could be in defense of white supremacy, or against it.

I still want to see a retelling of the original Superman origin story where young Kal-El is raised in 1930s Kansas… except in this version he’s a Black kid, and “The American Way” meant growing up under Jim Crow.


This is Clark Kent Superman.

From what I understand this is part and parcel of transitioning Superman to a more “Cosmic” roll, as the books/character have been doing a lot more space and super science shit for a while now.

Never been much of a Superman Guy. But I don’t think “The American Way” has been much of a thing for a good long while. Outside of nostalgia plays/merch, and what are basically attempts to criticize or unpack the thing.

The tenor of it seems to be more about a follow on to Marvel, who’ve been doing very well with their space heroes and Cosmic shit for a while.


Which is funny because he’s an illegal alien. They should totally hate the guy already.


i think you need to keep the context of what the american way is, and the american dream

if you haven’t read “between the world and me” i highly recommend it. it talks about the american dreamer who can’t see the world - or its people - as they really are, and how much harm that causes

right now, i think it’s much much too early to say that the “american way” is the way of the people in the streets. i hope this is the new way… but look at where we are versus the 60s and its civil rights battles

worsen inequality, worsening outcomes for people of color, worsing environmental issues, our efforts at white hegemony continue - just look at police impunity, our military budget, and on… we’re not in a good place, and are slipping ( who exactly was our 45th president, and doesn’t it seem at least partially possible that he might be our 47th as well? )

yes, there are good people here who want good things - but if the actual policies and outcomes don’t change, then “the american way” does not.

reality of outcomes is at least as important as what’s in people’s hearts and minds


Good lord, between this and his gay son, how will Tucker Carlson make it through the week?

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