James Gunn reveals the timeline for his DC multimedia universe

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The one thing I liked about this announcement is the indication the Superman is going back to being Superman, corny as the idea of him is. I just don’t think making that character dark, brooding, and conflicted works. That’s Batman’s schtick. Let Superman be about always trying to do the right thing, and about hope, and about all that corny stuff he was always about when he was at his best.


People say that Superman stands for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. But I think that actually applies to the whole DC Trinity.

Wonder Woman stands for Truth with one of her most visible symbols being the Lasso of Truth.

Batman stands for Justice even when the courts or the law can’t or won’t act.

Superman stands for the American Way. He’s a refugee who came to America with very little and succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.


Yeah, I didn’t throw the whole “truth, justice, and the American way” line out there because I think that last part tends to come across a little xenophobic. Especially in the days of MAGA.


a few years back, his motto officially changed to “truth, justice, and a better tomorrow”


It’ll be interesting to see how many of the announced movies actually get made. I’m not sure I actually trust DC to follow through on Gunn’s vision (I could see some shuffling of executives suddenly causing plans to change), and even carefully constructed plans fall apart on contact with reality (Marvel has certainly altered some of their announced plans a few times).

Don’t forget beating on capitalists and the KKK! But yeah, “dark Superman” is so contrary to the comic character’s identity, not to mention the pop-culture understanding of Superman (that came from, but now exists outside of, the comic). Batman cracking jokes and wearing a pink costume is more in character (and canonical).

I think Superman being his traditional self is hard for some writers to get their heads around, as most modern comic book movie cliches don’t work, and the writing actually gets a bit tricky. He’s a unique kind of character whose drama comes from different places than usual - you certainly can’t take a story written with another comic/action character in mind and repurpose it.


As a Not-American, may I humbly suggest that those cockwombles don’t get to tell you, or anyone, what “The American Way” means, and you are entirely within your rights to take it back off them, scrub off the muck, and restore it to something you can be proud of.


I think it’s so cute that DC thinks Superhero movies will remain a thing people want to see. This genre is getting pretty long in the tooth. I could see cartoon adaptations going on practically forever; But live action movies… Maybe not.

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The Authority is the one that stands out for me there. The over the top mayhem and violence will be really east to do, but the characters thread a very fine line between being superheroes and being the biggest bullies on the block, but using their overwhelming power to defend the people they like.

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Fair enough, but even outside the MAGA thing, these ideas (truth, justice, equality, freedom) do not belong to America. We didn’t invent them, and, frankly, we’ve done a pretty shitty job at upholding them throughout most of our history. These ideas aren’t the American Way. They’re the Human Way, or at least they should be, and I would like to see Superman represent all of humanity in that respect, not just America.


Last year, four out of the top ten grossing movies were live action superhero movies, the year before, it was five out of ten. There will likely be less of a line to see Morbius 2, but recently, live action comic book movies remain exceedingly lucrative and popular.


Another thing not mentioned here is that they are planning to use games to tell additional, in-continuity, stories that cover what happens in-between the movies and tv series. So basically take the problem that you have with Marvel where you have to watch all the movies, and all the Disney+ series in order to understand everything going on. Now also add multiple 20 to 60 hour games to that. I’m not sure that people are going to like this

ETA: Rocksteady is also unhappy about it

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if they can get aaa games to ship on time and within budget, they really are superheroes. or magicians. or elves. elves could do it. magical elves.


As a kid I hid these from my mother lest they be censored!

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