Supernatural water-skipping golf shot

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Sound Is off, so of course we don’t hear the leaf blowers that made this shot possible.


I’m pretty sure the forces of good don’t pay attention to golf (cf. 44 ½’s continued lightning avoidance), but well played Satan.


Vijay Singh did this at the 2009 Masters (possibly at the same hole?) in actual competition.

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I feel bad for him that it wasn’t for actual money, but it looks so cool. Most of golf is only really boring television.

I hate that the title gave away the end result. It’s like knowing the ending a hockey game. I lose interest in the game, but might check out the “Game in 8” on YouTubes.

Sniff. I miss watching my Leafs blow it. GO! LEAFS! GO!

Trump makes these shots every other day. Just ask him.

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