Supreme Court: Police can’t hold suspects without probable cause, to wait for drug-sniffing dog


Perhaps merge this thread with the post Mark made yesterday on the same topic?

Sure, refuse to be detained and drive away and see how that turns out for you. They’ll either flip out and shoot you or beat your ass and they’ll tack on some charges

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The Police need a US Constitution sniffing dog, might help.


This isn’t about if you should drive off or not. The point is that if they find evidence in this manner, they can no longer use it to prosecute you since it was illegally obtained.

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Or arrest you for resisting arrest. That one never gets old.

I still don’t see the rationale behind asking the driver if they can use the drug-sniffing dog, then using it anyway when he refuses.

You know that thing you need in order to detail somebody? You’re not allowed to detail them to get it…

Isn’t “resisting arrest” police-code for “was still alive after I finished hitting/shooting him”?

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