Supreme Court rules Florida can't enforce drag ban for now

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I wonder if there are any Drag Drag Races or Drag Tractor Pulls? That might be a way of engaging with rural populations.


It’s a shame that Supreme Court justices don’t even believe in the founding principles and document of the country.

"Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness "


Just looking at any random photo of Alito or Thomas gives one the impression they’re opposed to the concept of happiness as a matter of principle, and are deeply resentful of the Framers for even mentioning it.


Of course the Supreme Court is putting the breaks on a drag ban. I see five guys in dresses every time they go into session!


I wish stories like this would link to the actual order or opinion so that people can easily find it to read it for themselves if they want to. So here it is. It’s pretty short, and it’s not written in overly complex legalese.

But here’s a tl;dr for anyone who wants it. Florida was arguing that the injunction against enforcing the law was overly broad because it prevented the state from enforcing the law against people and businesses who weren’t parties to the lawsuit. Kavanaugh said that while, in general, that’s an interesting question (can a lower court issue an order that affects enforcement of a law against non-parties), because this case involves First Amendment issues, it’s not a good case to examine that issue because the Court probably wouldn’t grant cert on that case anyway (not the drag ban case itself, but the case about the scope of the injunction). Also important to note is that Thomas, Alito, and Gorsuch did not say that they think the drag ban is Constitutional. They only said they would grant Florida’s request for the injunction to only apply to Hamburger Mary’s while the case is pending. They did not explain why.


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