Supreme Court to weigh in on LGBT rights

With this Kangaroo Kourt - that line of progress is over.


Why would this even be a question?



Let’s actually see what happens before you declare doom.

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I can’t afford such a sanguine approach.

The fix was in when the “I like beer!” guy was chosen to replace Kennedy.


No rights without responsibility
No responsibility without rights!


also from that link

In the third case granted today, R.G. & G.R. Harris Funeral Homes v. EEOC , the justices will consider whether Title VII’s protections apply to transgender employees. The petition for review was filed by a small funeral home in Michigan, owned by Thomas Rost, who describes himself as a devout Christian. In 2007, the funeral home hired Aimee Stephens, whose employment records identified Stephens as a man. Six years later, Stephens told Rost that Stephens identified as a woman and wanted to wear women’s clothing to work. Rost fired Stephens, because Rost believed both that allowing Stephens to wear women’s clothes would violate the funeral home’s dress code and that he would be “violating God’s commands” by allowing Stephens to dress in women’s clothing.

The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit on Stephens’ behalf, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit ruled for the EEOC and Stephens. The funeral home went to the Supreme Court last summer, asking it to review the lower court’s ruling. Today the justices granted the funeral home’s petition for review, agreeing to consider whether Title VII bars discrimination against transgender people based on either their status as transgender or sex stereotyping under the Supreme Court’s 1989 decision in Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins , which indicates that a company can’t discriminate based on stereotypes of how a man or woman should appear or behave. The funeral home’s case will be argued separately from Bostock and Altitude Express .


Thread, if you think you can handle it

Imani has screenshots of the actual briefs from the original Harris case and the inhumanity of some of the things is… yeah.


Corollary - thread shows how homophobia was recycled into transphobia. Often by terfs; then picked up by their buddies in the far right.

Pretty fabulous research.


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