Surely this is the most Norman Rockwell photo ever taken of President Obama meeting a little boy


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And you get the impression that the artist of “the problem we all live with” would have liked to paint this…


Is this where the word “awestruck” is appropriate? Great Shot!



(In years to come, Kayah Hall will treasure this photo of the time President Obama almost met her one leg)


I can hear the conversation now.

“Are you really the President, Mr President?”

“I am, son. And are you really the kid who’s going to come and do this job some day in the future?”

“Well, if you think I can…”

“You can. You can be anyone you want to be.”



if that’s not the photo next to “awestruck” in the dictionary, i don’t know what would be more appropriate.


That might be the “Shit, I’m probably old enough to be eligible for the Disposition Matrix…” look.


that’s probably the first memory that young lad will keep


That kid is 4 years old? I must growing gnomes in my house.


But this photo is the one that gives me goosebumps.


It’s often the things like this that make me totally incapable of understanding how people can be racist. How does this just not make you happy, no matter your race?


Damn, that’s almost cute enough to melt my cold, hard heart! :smile:


By realizing that it’s just another bit of sentimental flotsam in a steady stream of propaganda that serves to humanize just another murderous, Wall Street-serving president.


Whelp, time to cue up teh kittehs…


I tend to be a believer in the view that most humans are quite complex, multi-dimensional personalities that often serve multiple interests simultaneously, often unconsciously, even when these interests are contradictory. Essentially, I’m a non-dualist in my philosophy. As such, I believe in the legitimacy of both of these perspectives simultaneously. Isn’t the mystery of life grand? :slight_smile:


But you do acknowledge that he IS actually human, right?



I didn’t claim that he’s a robot, and I see no reason to acknowledge that he’s human when I was clearly using the most common definition of “humanize” – “to make (someone or something) seem gentler, kinder, or more appealing to people.”


That should totally be Clock Kid in the Oval Office.


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