Caption this photo of President Obama and TX Gov. Rick Perry, please




“I didn’t meet that guy at the airport, and he still found his way here.”


“Yeah, he STILL thinks those glasses make him look smart!”


Wonder Bread, you did not just say that Jesus spoke English.


Name cards on the table? Is there really any chance that someone would not realize which guy in the room is the president of the united states?


Lighten up, Rick, those selfies NSA caught of you are totally hilarious!


President Obama: “I was going to tell a joke, but I’m already sitting across from the biggest one in the country.”


Once again Rick fell for the “pull my finger trick” allowing the President to wordlessly express his sentiments of the governor


Be quiet Ricky, the big kids are talking.


It helps if you see what everyone was laughing at.


“I told Rick there’d be Froyo.”


Someone told him they would have Fudgie The Whale


“Mutter, mutter, Harruphm!”


I didn’t get a harrumph outta that guy!


Perry: We should use drones to get rid of these immigrant children
Obama: LOLZ drones are for killing children in other countries who don’t want to immigrate!
Perry: Dammit, but I want to kill those kids too :frowning: Can’t we at least make camps for gays and make it illegal for women to work outside the home then?
Obama: Oh man, I’m going to piss myself laughing… um… no.
Perry: grumpy cat face

Wait… I just realized nothing is funny… Damn it.


I think he really only looks like Grumpy Cat in the smaller version. Seen larger it looks more like he’s doing one of those “trying to hide a smile by frowning” things. There’s light in his eyes and it doesn’t look like a genuine grump to me.


Obama just announced that he is eliminating the department of dealing with Rick Perry’s Shit. Oops!


…and the other guy says, “Yeah it’s cold, and it’s deep, too!”


I suspect this is more a case of the POTUS handlers enforcing a show of equality.

Everyone knows who the Pres. is, but the Pres. might not recognize everyone else at the table by face and name. Putting a name card in front of everyone except him might be a little too blatant an acknowledgement of the power differential.

That’s just my guess, and has no special value.


I know the joke of which you speak!

Terrific and Topical!