Surfshark VPN brings safer, faster browsing to your entire family


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steer clear of hackers on any device

So… TLS for web and email already does this.

And a VPN still leaves you vulnerable to malware infections: malvertising, embedded in pirated software, and phishing.


Unless this somehow involves LASERs, no sale.


Anyone here have any experience with Opera’s free, built-in VPN? I’ve never used one and was wondering what the deal with Opera’s was.


Yeah free VPNs are not a good choice as they are likely to use your data for their benefit. I’ve used quite a few VPNs by now but I could never trust a free one. If you prefer encrypting only your browser traffic then just go for proper VPN with browser extension option such as Surfshark, SaferVPN, Betternet, etc. I myself went for Surfshark as I needed something that supports torrenting and gives me speeds good enough for quality streaming but in those cases I use the software version and use the extension only occasionally.

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