Surgical resident judges the accuracy of medical scenes from film and TV

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I’ve seen some pooped parties before, but… sheesh. Spies Like Us isn’t an accurate depiction of surgical protocol?!?!


That part was funnier than the worms.

If you want to point out inaccuracies, there’s no way this woman is an actual surgery resident - she’s not being yelled at by attendings nor is she yelling at interns.

Or maybe times have changed.


Why are most of these goofy comedies? I stopped watching when she got to Mr Bean. Nobody watching Basketball or Mr Bean is expecting realism. They are goofs. You bend reality in service of the joke. I’d be more interested in movies and TV that are actively trying to be realistic.


Because they are funny? I got the feeling, having watched the entire video, that she chose the clips herself based on what she liked (and I can see how surgeons would think the medical comedies she chose are hilarious) or thought was illustrative of something she wanted to talk about.


I’ve noticed a void of surgical laser hemorrhoid removal scenes in movies / tv episodes.


Yeah, wasn’t that part great?


It’s too bad we couldn’t ask her to review specific episodes of TV shows like ER (and it’s also interesting how she didn’t mention that show at all, probably because its last episode was back in 2009). ER was one of those shows started out good and ended up getting sappy over its 10-year run.

I would have liked to ask her to say something about ER, Season 1, Episode 19, “Love’s Labor Lost,” which was a particularly harrowing episode about a pregnant woman who ended up dying on the operating table, although they managed to save the woman’s baby. The episode ended up garnering a bunch of awards, but for some reason Hollywood doesn’t give out awards for medical accuracy. :smirk:

Of course, there are other alternate explanations of the pulp fiction scene, for those so inclined…

I detect sarcasm.

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Laser isn’t always an option.


I think that the comedic effect they were going for was a kind of deadpan pedantry with a dash of irony, but her delivery wasn’t arch enough to make it work.

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In my experience surgical residents are some of the dumbest smart people who ever walked the earth. I’ve had to do some debunking with them on occasion (ER Nurse)

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electric clippers for the hair shaving?

i thought she was going to say waxing.

surprised she didn’t mention patients are pre-shaved, not shaved in surgery, while pausing the procedure, on the table, where the hair is going to get everywhere.

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Also, she seems to be sober.

And she’s not just a surgeon, she’s a (quite successful) marathon runner.

Does she also improve rocket design for SpaceX in her spare time??

Actually, no.

The complete absence of any hemorrhoid removal scenes, laser assisted or otherwise, was simply delightful.

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