Unconscious patient recorded medical team insulting the hell out of him

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I keep wondering why the dude recorded it in the first place… like what happened to make him do that?

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Ick, just yuk. I wouldn’t normally advocate for a big jury award when no physical injuries occurred, but sometimes it’s good to send a message that a given behavior is simply unacceptable to a jury of your peers.


He was probably just curious.

“Hm, I wonder what they’ll talk about while i’m out?”

And possibly:
“I’m so self-conscious, I bet people talk about me behind my back. I bet this person doesn’t like me…” and then… “O shit.”


when I read the article, it said that he ran the recording to catch any post-operation directions given him by his doctor.

Having gone under for gastroscopy before, I think his idea was a good one.

Good thing he lives in a singe-party consent state.


I’m familiar with their frequent presence in ‘sports medicine’, especially its low end; but why would a follower of the ‘yeah? just Man Up!’ school become an anesthesiologist? It makes no sense. If you are the anesthesiologist it’s your damn job to ensure that the patient’s pain tolerance, whatever it may be, is challenged as little as possible. That’s why you get access to the cool drugs.


Not a bad idea if you’re going to be groggy when you receive the instructions.


I dunno. Glad nobody’s there to record what I say to co-workers about some thoroughly a-hole customers we’ve dealt with, though, granted, I have the intelligence to do it when the a-hole in question is not in the same room. Still–I thought this was a crazy award for a conversation that they had no reason to believe he could hear… until I got to the false diagnosis part…at which point it seemed like it wasn’t enough.


From TFA: “According to the Washington Post, he had hit record before going under ‘to capture the instructions his doctor would give him after the procedure.’”

He probably has had experience with anesthetics in the past causing him to have memory loss or delirium afterwards.



Yeah, I think I skimmed too fast. D’oh!

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Whats that stand for?

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Yup, I’ve had a colonscopy exam, and whatever they give you does make you groggy (according to the anesthetist at the time he said it was the same thing that Michael Jackson od’d on). So when waking up it did take a while to come to, also no driving for 24hours, in fact you need to have someone pick you up at the hospital. So totally understandable why someone would want to record that.

I did ask for the imported anesthetic, none of the local stuff.

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[quote=“Missy_Pants, post:12, topic:60385, full:true”][quote=“TheRizz, post:9, topic:60385”]From TFA[/quote]Whats that stand for?[/quote]“The Frickin’ Article” (Or other F-word of your choice.) It comes from RTFM (“Read The Frickin’ Manual”).

I think people who choose anesthesiology are trying to optimize their pay-to-actual-work-done ratio (not that I haven’t appreciated the services of an anesthesiologist before).


Thats what I thought. Thanks.
Just checking that you were being rude for no real reason, ta.

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Today I learned that you can get tuberculosis in your penis. Lovely.


Heh. Always the way I go too. No need to grit (my teeth) and bear it, seems to me.

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Is it normal in the US to have total anaesthesia for colonoscopy? I have had one and I know of others who have here in Norway, none with any anaesthesia.

Surely the risks associated with total anaesthesia are out of proportion to the minor discomfort of the procedure.

You’ve been here a few years - are you trolling? :stuck_out_tongue: