Surprisingly handy small crowbar


My family works construction, so I did a lot of that as a young man. These things are amazing. I forget which brand I bought last, but you have to be careful and read reviews to find out about the quality of the steel, the angle of the ends, and the sharpness. But you can–I know from experience–demolish a shed, a room, a deck with just one of these and a claw hammer. And you can do that in short order. And, yes, they are very good for hanging heavy doors when you don’t have a helper.

It looks like any flat crowbar I’ve ever seen. Do you really need to tell people that these exist?

Did you miss that it’s pocket sized? That’s what’s unusual. It means you can carry it with you.

I’ve got big crowbars, a Halligan bar I made that is 30" long, a flat FatMax 20" wrecking bar, and so on. But this little thing sees by far the most use. And that’s why I shared it. (And, apparently, it even got syndicated here!)

I tried using one of these for my job, but I found that it’s way too messy. I’m going to stick with piano wire.

Not heard of wedges? Cut some free!

One of the missions of Cool Tools is to highlight overlooked gems that deserve to be noticed. Experience speaking to the uninformed.

This does not sit well with the BBS crowd that loves to point out that something was originally posted before yesterday.

I am not sure what role they are fulfilling anyway, so let’s just let it go.

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