Surreal estate: Original Pea Soup Andersen's listed for $4.7M

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Buellton losing Pea Soup Andersen’s would be kind of like Anaheim losing Disneyland.

How the hell am I supposed to remember which offramp goes to Solvang now?


My grandfather was a full bird Colonel who spent his career as staff officer. After he passed, we found a small sheet of card stock in the glove compartment of his aircraft carrier-adjacent Buick that listed his drive from the San Diego suburbs to our home in the Bay Area and back. Planned departure and arrival times with routes, waypoints, fuel and food stops, all broken down to the nearest 15 minutes. Pea Soup Anderson’s was his stop on the way up I5, and sure enough, he could tell you what time to expect him long before cellphones were commonplace. He kept this up decades after he retired. I can’t say I’ve ever eaten there, but a landmark for sure.


Not that this is interesting to anyone else, but in the ebook I’m reading a character had just stopped to eat at Pea Soup, which I’d never heard of. I put down the book at that point and opened Firefox, and this popped up. Baader-Meinhof me, baby!


The secret ingredient in my pea soup is fresh thyme. The dry stuff isn’t nearly as good. You can cook it super fast in one of those Instant Pot pressure cookers. A good lunch if you have left over Easter ham.


In my family’s various travels up and down the coast we ate at the Pea Soup’s in Buellton, Santa Nella, and Carlsbad.

Sad to see another era come to an end.


The upstairs also hosts the Buellton History Museum, small but filled with interesting maps, photos, and ephemera.


We saw that they had some outdoor dining
when we drove to Lompoc a couple of times during 2020, but it was clear that they weren’t doing the business that they once did. :cry:

Interstate 5 and highway 101 up and down the central part of California (between LA and the bay area), you can find billboard signs advertising Pea Soup Andersen’s, only 150 miles to go! That’s what got it famous in my mind, was that marketing.


I’ll echo that. I don’t actually love their pea soup (and I do love pea soup), but they do have a lot of great stuff, and they are in a good location for me.

3.4 acres sounds like a lot to run renovations on, I hope Rusty’s crew can make the price work.

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