Surrender Is Victory - Submit to Russia


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH we learn that by submitting to our benevolent Russian overlords, we achieve Victory for all Americans.







Joke's on you: you pronounced almost every word wrong because the Cyrillic characters don't correspond to the sounds of the Latin characters they're replacing.


It sounds quaint to suppose that "dominance" or "submission" have anything to do with running countries. People here tell me that it's heresy to suggest that populations of millions or billions are wasting time and resources pursuing delusional ideals, but that is precisely what I am suggesting. Alls y'all "country" wrong - make new ones.


Listened to Hayden's interview on NPR RE the election hacking this morning. I suspect Trump has sustained damage from this, and it isn't going to get better for him. He's going to be watched and questioned, and we can keep up the pressure.


Sure does sound like it sucks being you.


I actually called my two (deeply red) senators' offices about this issue yesterday. I respectfully urged them to support the investigation that their own colleagues (McCain, Graham, McConnell) are calling for. I mean ... this is important (serious, scary, etc.), folks. Talked to staffers, of course. One took my comments. The other explained that the FBI and CIA have to get on the same page about it, then Congress will act accordingly. Fair enough.

I urge the smart, articulate Mutants herewith to do the same about this -- and other issues you care about. It was incredibly quick and easy, and I've got to think that the weight of calls and emails to our representatives will have impact over time.


I gotta say, however prescient the message, this seems like a bit of a rush job. Those 3's just aren't doing it for me.

As far as mock-Soviet propaganda goes, I am very fond of the work of Saskatoon artist Dave Geary.


Your shtick is really starting to get old.

edit: Also, I hear Liberland is accepting citizenship applications. Perhaps your "message" would play better there.


Same. I did it a few weeks ago, but I'm planning to do it again.


This, 100%

It is the deep red ones that ESPECIALLY need to hear the concern.

Contact information for senators and representatives can be looked up here:

I smell hope.

It smells like blood in the water.

Throw chum.


Thanks for the support and links, wrecksdart. I've sat on the sidelines for far too long as a citizen of this country. I've already contacted my congressfolks' offices more in the past month than I did in the previous lifetime. I used to think "ah, they won't listen to me, because they're in the other party" or "they don't need to hear from me, because we're on the same team." Now, I believe that each of us, all of us, need to let both our allies and our opponents know where we stand.

I'm picking my battles, but battle we must.


The tie is too short, hands too big, hair too realistic. Just sayin...


I agree. If you're a progressive trapped in a red state -- as I am -- pick up a phone! Tap out an email! Drag out the old Smith Corona and buy a stamp! Let your views be known to the people who represent you. An old congressional aid buddy of mine told me that even 25 constituents saying essentially the same thing truly does have an effect.

I believe it. I've got to believe it. It's our best hope right now as individual citizens to make a difference. And it's unbelievably easy!


Totally agreed.


By all means, please continue to ignore him and continue to point out that you are ignoring him with ad hominem arguments so that everybody knows you are ignoring him.


No, it's not really fair enough. The CIA and FBI are on the same page. The staffer telling you they aren't is pretending that difference between two people arguing about whether the world is a sphere or an oblate spheroid is the same as two people arguing about whether it's flat or round. It's just the same old "teach the controversy" bullshit in a different context.

That said: good on you for calling them! Seriously; good on you :slight_smile::+1: