Surveillance-happy authoritarian "Democratic" California senator Dianne Feinstein loses California Democratic Party endorsement


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I’m doing the happy dance, but even so… she’ll probably win the primary and election because voters.


CA needs to get rid of both of their senators. They both lack moral courage.


Not my Rep. Not sad to hear it. I think she represented what California and the bay area (IMO) once was, very well.


Agree with the summary mostly… but if we are talking about oil industry donations, $3600 over five years doesn’t hardly seem making hay over.


Hey, look at that, common ground.


Two things are true, based on my time living in Kevin De León’s district:

Feinstein needs to go, and De León is an incompetent boob who doesn’t deserve a promotion.


Seriously, that would be a pretty pitiful number even if it were a bribe.


I’m a fan of your work, but your article is misleading. You refer to Kevin De Leon as “the candidate favored by the party”, which makes it seem as though they endorsed him. Though he got more votes than she did, neither candidate reached the 60% threshold, so the party declined to endorse anyone.


Could you share citations regarding Senator Kamala Harris’ alleged “lacking of moral courage””? Please.


She wasn’t that great a mayor of San Francisco. She lost my respect when she declared that the city had no greater priority than halting the scourge of graffiti. This was in the context of a crisis in homelessness that, while it didn’t match the scale of today’s crisis of homelessness, was nevertheless a genuine crisis. That it has taken this long for the sun to set on her political career doesn’t say good things about the Democratic Party.


As long as we don’t end up with a Republican I’m happy with this.


She has been a pretty consistently strong voice on gun policy though. I guess being the one to find your fellow city supervisor’s bullet-riddled body will do that.


OK guys, long time lurker first time poster. But this convention vote is really dumb and will only bring bad things for CA.
First of all, yes, Feinstein has her problems. I’m not a fan of her surveillance or warmaking attitudes. I’ve often found myself on the other side of her votes (pre-trump).
De Leon has some problems too. I’m not going to go into them but they’re googleable if you want a background. Latino Caucus anyone?
Regardless of the candidates, it is really stupid for CA, large and powerful state, to go forward with two freshman Senators!
Harris is amazing! And I voted for her. She’s great and a damn fine CA senator but she’s new and therefore doesn’t have any sort of clout. But places like the Senate have seniority rules and Feinstein is damn near untouchable in the senate!

Why should/would CA give up seniority status in committees and leadership for the Purity test that is this primary?

As a longtime norcal politico this whole thing seems stupid.


I’m not going to go into how you’re wrong but it’s googleable if you want to know.


As an aside, the scare quotes in the title are petty and childish. Like, hate, or be indifferent to Senator Feinstein and her positions, it’s an objective fact that she’s a Democrat and thus a Democratic senator.


Defining “democratic” by party allegiance? Does that make Republicans anti-democratic, by party allegiance?

Asking as a foreigner with no understanding of the US of A.

No, seriously, I don’t understand this country. It’s probably as alien as Indonesia to a European, right now.


Not democratic, but Democratic. When you spell it with a capital D, in the context of US politics it refers to the Democratic party and members thereof. (Republicans are anti-Democratic and, sadly, these days also increasingly anti-democratic.)


Here is just one example:

Just search on TD for ‘kamala’ and their are numerable examples of her attitudes and beliefs. She is a coward and a bully with zero respect for the law.


A powerful politician allegedly representing your interests, but voting against you is actually worse than a slightly less powerful politician allegedly representing your interests but voting with you.