Suspected road rage killers spotted by police at sushi restaurant

Into that great void may his soul be hurled

The LA times interviewed a couple of lawyers who said it would be hard to convict him of first-degree murder, so second-degree might be more likely.

This was some really impressive investigative work. The cops did a good job this time.


Here; have a nice video about a pilot who rescues baby chimps. (yes, the underlying story is sad)


I have to assume that the 6-year old was being very, very bad. Otherwise, these good men with guns would not have shot him.


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Yeah, even though there is a moratorium in CA, I’m surprise that D.A. Todd Spitzer isn’t seeking the death penalty.* That doesn’t usually stop the Orange County
District Attorney’s office.

*Apparently, discharging a weapon from a motor is one of the 16 special circumstances for the possibility of the death penalty being considered for first degree murder.


Maybe he was being very, very good, but the age restrictions on gun ownership prevented him from packing heat to defend himself.


With lava, even.

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Now that’s an activist judge if ever I’ve seen one. I thought they hated those?


‘a swiss army knife’ ???!?!

Does not compute.

Such a gun seems an impractical way to open your cans and cut off pieces of string for your tarp. Or clip your nails or tighten your screws.

I’ll never understand gun ‘culture’.


My experience is the talk of “melt the guns” or “take the guns away” is needlessly provocative, and plays into gun zealots fantasy of the government “coming for them”.

But talk of “imagine no guns” to take a lesson from John Lennon, is much less provocative and immediately offer entry into debunking the “gun need” without triggering personal rights fantasies.

I have no problem with people who hunt, or like to practice or compete at target shooting. And if some state wants to allow people to carry their long single shot bolt action rifle into the supermarket I’m fine if you want to live there - although I do not.

But the automatic and semi-automatic clip based rifles, and concealable hand-guns all have to go. Nobody needs a gun conceived for killing other people. You’ll have to rely on your swiss army knife for that.


Only when they are progressive. Regressives like this Scheißekopf are just fine.


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