Suspended sentence for idiot who pushed fisherman into a pond

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Similar story from Chicago that didn’t turn out as well:

right, droogs at that age are supposed to have already joined the police.


Just wait 'til Ronnie Pickering gets hold of him.

The videographer remains at large.

He may be sociopathic human waste, but criminal?

battery accessory?

Goddamn pusherman.


I can’t decide… Is he a “coont” or a “wanka”?

why not both?

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I know, right?

But, he’s right.
It’s kinda funny. init();

Yes, criminal. This is basically assault. He could have injured the guy, hell the guy could have drowned. Maybe his phone’s broken now, and the £20 note in his pocket is ruined.

I agree that the act was assault, no question there. I was referring to the comment about the videographer, which seemed to imply that he was also culpable, by noting that he was “still at large.”

I think he should be treated as an accomplice at the very least. He did nothing to stop his friend, in fact encouraged him. I think capturing it on video was actually the main reason for doing this (for the YouTube hits, he even says so in video) which makes it even worse i think.

If this guy was filming his friend beating the $hit out of someone while laughing like a maniac, he would be sent to jail. This is technically no different.

And finally, by posting this on YouTube, it might lead to others copying them for the laughs.

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