Sweden's telcos hand over mass spying powers to police, tax authority, customs and other agencies


I’m guessing it’s voluntary on the part of the telcos, not their subscribers.


how can they “voluntarily” forward this data? i was under the impression that there were EU laws requiring them to protect this data making it impossible to “volutarily” forward it without a legal basis.

You know what? Maybe it’s time to give up mobile phones.

go tele2!

“…Swedish Police are demanding voluntary agreements…”

So the telcos are being volunteered, whether they like it or not.

Whenever I think the U.S. government has gone insane, articles like this remind me that governmental insanity is pretty much universal, these days.

I am both comforted and dismayed that we are not alone.

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Right, because he main implication of being imprisoned is not the loss of liberty in general, but in having your communications data compromised!

This conception of privacy has only held for a very, very brief period of human history. In smaller, traditional communities there was very little sense of privacy, and certainly not the big-city anonymity that we might associate with the 20th century. Traditionally, your neighbours have known all about you and everything you do, and gossip has been pervasive. Theoretically the data-mining that occurs today could allow someone to dredge up a complete dossier on your life and habits, but this is practically unlikely (though absolutely possible), and it compares somewhat favourably to the widespread and not merely theoretical knowledge of your “private” life that community members would have traditionally had.

hey mr. doctorow, my mom says the name translates to falconwing. also, they don’t have swedish as a language option. think they are full of it?

True. But it is the conception I grew up in, the conception I subscribe to and I’d like this period to last a little longer, thank you very much.

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