Swedes are entitled to six months' leave to start a business, look after a sick relative, or study


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Hold my bourbon…


Did you notice in the SOTU, how “taxes” was presented as the opposite of “freedom?” How those 'pubs cheered! No Swedish totalitarianism for us!


It’s worth repeating here that universal health care is also an encouragement to entrepreneurship, since someone can leave their employer to start a business without worrying that a health issue in their family could bankrupt them.



F*cking socialists and their worker protections, high standards of living and healthy populations.

(what’s the sarcasm font again?)


It’s almost as if they think the pursuit of happiness is some sort of fundamental right.


It’s almost like saying the value of a human being, a worker no less, has some kind of intrinsic value that supersedes profit and production. Don’t these people understand that a workers place is under the foot of his master boot. Let this kind of soft headed thinking get a foothold and all forms of life will expect perhaps demand respect. We know where this leads to…decent well balanced societies…Is that what we really want?


You’ll need it during those cold, dark winters! :cold_face:


Not to worry.


looks to me like Socialism = Freedom.

Stuff that in your republican and smoke him.


Swedes are entitled

I know, I KNOW!


I can’t remember where I heard it but someone suggested we (the U.S.) stop using the word “entitled” and start saying that certain programs are or should be “included” with our taxes. Health care? That’s included. Free education? Included.

I guess entitled can mean that you get something even if you don’t deserve it. Included is just part of what you paid for.


I understand what you’re saying, but that’s because people, at least in the US, have accepted the conservative definition of “entitled”.

The point of universal health care, for example, is that everyone is entitled, no matter how much or how little tax they pay, what their lifestyle is, or any other factor that might affect how much they “deserve” it.

Maybe we should substitute the term “inalienable”? :wink:


American Answer: “Just take out a loan!”
Banking Industry [Offstage] “Thanks, America” [*cha-ching!* sounds are heard]


That would be my main deterrent to migrating there, aside from any strenuous citizenship requirements they have.

It sounds great… except that it’s so damn cold there so much of the time.


I was in Sweden around mid-summer, so it was pretty nice, although at points it was like a (warm) California winter. A friend was talking about how summer was considered to have started when temperatures reached a certain height. He then added, “Some years we don’t have summer.”


Sweden is awesome. Stockholm is like a cleaner version of Seattle with some medieval architecture sprinkled around for fun.



This sounds like a good way to argue against some pro-business conservatives who are also anti-worker’s rights. “Don’t you care about growing the economy with new businesses?”

I assume they will make some belabored argument about “employer’s rights.”