Swedish court rules against Tesla as labor woes spread to Denmark and Finland

Originally published at: Swedish court rules against Tesla as labor woes spread to Denmark and Finland | Boing Boing


One option is that Elon Musk can go fuck himself.


Sweden, Finland, and Denmark aren’t considered Western? Since when?

On the contrary, @beschizza means that not all Western countries have a fuck-you attitude to unions and Musk is discovering this the hard way.


Ah, gotcha. I misinterpreted that.


It seems like there’s a significant delta between his failure to grasp heterogeneity of norms and his failure to understand heterogeneity of laws and regulations. He(or at least the minions he listens to/allows to work unimpeded) appears to have at least a workmanlike understanding of regulatory differences, as shown by his consistent interest in seeking out the most plutocrat-friendly ones for his corporations and SLAPP activities. What he doesn’t seem to understand is the difference between places where he will be afforded what’s basically deference when he petulantly steamrolls something that offends his sense of his own prerogatives and places where people are less impressed and regulatory capture is either outright more difficult or at least requires a different style than he is capable of(most obviously the EU; where it’s not like MEPs have shown consistent cleanliness; but generally aren’t inclined to worship you for posturing as a disruptive innovator techbro).


how wildly one can succeed

Succeed, my ass. From childhood he had a level of weath that is practically impossible to lose.


Elon Musk Dancing GIF

The rank and file would definitely sign off on that.


Bingo,it is impossible for cancer like him to fall downward until the universe begins to correct itself.

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