Swiss buffet restaurant fines patrons who waste food

“…if you just eat the toppings off the sushi and leave the rice.”

This is incomprehensible to me … why don’t these patrons just get sashimi instead of sushi?

Because there are large buffet serving stations full of sushi, not sashimi.


That’s a shame. It almost sounds like a scheme to satiate buffet customers appetite as quickly as possible.

There is an all you can eat Indian Buffet here in my town that charges extra per weight for any uneaten food. I disliked the attitude and idea so much I’ve never been back. I could appreciate a “please be considerate and don’t waste food” sign, but weight and charging for buffet items that were sub par and couldn’t be finished was kinda lame.

That was my immediate thought as well. I visited friends in Switzerland recently, and was blown away at how expensive everything was (and I’ve lived in some of the most expensive cities in the world, and traveled in many more). Fortunately we only ate one meal in a restaurant…non-touristy, with locals, and it was still eye-popping expensive. But food in the grocery store was expensive too, so there wasn’t just markup involved. Waste of food there would be quite expensive for the restaurant, and shameful for any diner with decent manners.

I would walk right out. The last time I went the crab Rangoon was room temp. Am I expected to force myself to eat that? I’m with @Jardine .

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Swiss Chalet does have pretty good fries.

They have a pretty wide variety of things to eat, but if I recall they make a particular request about not disassembling the sushi.

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