Symmetry – Utopias are never perfect, are they?

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Looks good and great price. At least after working my way through Sandman.

A perfect world is a pointless one
It is the endless pursuit of a goal we can never reach makes things meaningful

As for the book, it sounds like an interesting concept, though without reading it, a thought that comes to mind is how the machines would have prevented the creation of outgroups within a nationality/ race.

Iain M. Bank’s Culture was pretty much perfect, or as close as it gets.


The word utopia means no place or no where. If you want a perfect place, you need to find a eutopia.


Symmetry does what sci-fi does best, it makes you think about what’s happening around you and where things might go if we aren’t careful.

It’s been getting harder and harder for SF writers to stay ahead of the news in this regard. “If we aren’t careful” gets us The Donald for president… It’s hard for me to want to imagine anything stranger than this.

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