Synchronized fire dancers really put on a show

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Makes me wonder how they chose that name.

As long as they don’t do this in California or Oregon…


I am the god of hellfire!

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I don’t think “guys waving flamethrowers around” qualify as dancers. I expected scantily-clad teams of torch-jugglers. Not impressed here.


It’s not the people who are dancing, it’s the fire that is dancing.


I’d rather not see wildfires dancing in my area.

Wow, that actually seemed less safe than a Colin Furze video. Not just unsafe to perform, but unsafe to be near, as the performers swept the muzzles of their flamethrowers past the audience. And I doubt all the materials in that bandshell were flameproof. Certainly the audience was not.

I’m a fan of fire sculpture, I love watching behind the scenes videos on performing fire stunts, but I did not enjoy watching this. It just seemed too cringy in terms of danger to the audience and the performers.

It is a fire show club, and an annual fire festival, so I suspect there might be one or two people around who have a clue, and the audience might know what to expect.

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That doesn’t mean it is safe, though.

I thought it was just coals, they can be very sparky.


You might be right! I was guessing they were shaking lyco out like a salt shaker, but coals make more sense for a bunch of reasons.


The first rule of fire club is no pyrophobes allowed! And safety, pssh… eyebrows and skin can (usually) grow back!


So, is it a boy or a girl?

Asking for some a-holes.

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