Syndicated columnist censored for writing about the risks of hedge funds and billionaires buying papers

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When they call the columnists / journalists the enemy, you now know who the real enemy is.

Resist like it’s 1776, again.


Isn’t this sort of the same doom met by Hunter S. Thompson’s newspaper in The Rum Diary?


They kind of proved his point, didn’t they?


OK, how many readers and citizens of Austin do you have, and do they deserve to not be negatively impacted by those same Wall Street plunderers?


In ATX? Quite a few, at least of the old guard. And of course Hightower’s got his own web site…

I hear him periodically on KOOP FM, Austin Community Radio.

There’s a huge influx of new Austinites since Hightower was a state employee.

He served as agriculture commissioner until he was unseated in 1990 by the Democrat-turned-Republican Rick Perry, later the governor of Texas.

I’ve met him. Salt of the earth, that guy. Glad he is still alive and kickin’.


Roger That!


Pro tip: If you don’t want to be seen as throttling the media, don’t name your cabal ‘Gatehouse’.


Were all these papers previously public-held or privately owned? Do the previous owners not bear some of the responsibility for who they sold their newspapers to…?

I was just thinking about Jim Hightower and wondering if he was still active. His old publication, I think it was called The Hightower Report, was my first introduction to what became known as Citizens United. Iirc, he drew a very clear link between the Nike “free speech” case and the judicial considerations of corporations as people which led the rise of PACs and the incredibly imbalanced influence of money on elections.


Financial parasites. Put them under a large heel and grind.

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I haven’t seen the term “asset-stripping” recently. Perhaps because it’s EVERYWHERE!

correction: the Austin daily is the Austin American-Statesman (not the Statesman).

The Austin Chronicle – which prints the Hightower Report – is the weekly freebie. (Though the Chronicle’s local coverage has been better poundsl for pound for years, the American-Statesman has really taken a nosedive since it was acquired.)

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