Taiwan CDC personifies diseases as cartoon characters

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Huh, I never thought I’d find Ebola or Syphilis desirable.


So the flu is Wang Yibo now? Ok. Sure.

I would so read this graphic novel.


Reminds me of Ebola-chan (Ebola-chan | Know Your Meme).


I love that Syphilis is a Shepardess and that they went so far as to include sheep


Of course the Plague is the gothest disease.


I like boy bands about as much as I like acute hepatitis…

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Uh. Not cartoon characters but character designs (chair full o’ PDAs…wow.) Those are great! I guess Taiwan had to have a Surgeon General, but a magazine and all is amazeballs. Must MFA harder.

So, various artists. I think there are a few more at 21 diseases get turned into devilishly stylish anime villains by Taiwan CDC - Culture even tho. it says the source is…not a bunch’a citations but 疾病管制署 - 1922防疫達人 - Home | Facebook s.t. I guess there’s no DISEASES magazine but the nice fine art outreach.

COVID-19, Ebola and the plague: Chiyou (IG @chiyo.wang maybe) (FB unf. Redirecting...) Artist interview Covid-19 drawn as cartoon character in Taiwan to help teach public how to fight the coronavirus | South China Morning Post https://www.artstation.com/artwork/9e94Vv afaict
Syphylis, rubella: Say HANa (林花) @sayhanawork
per Taiwan CDC's personified disease illustrations go viral in US [Up, Dec 01: added in more disease concept] News | ResetEra

So, who all are ready to start a magazine called AGING and have a main drag down 20 year old games with 30 y.o. characters who have come to age like https://personacentral.com/catherine-full-body-chinese-korean-release-art/ ? What’s that? Americans stockpile mines and RPGs too? What does that have to do with…

Nerdcoremedical.com has a Bacterionomicon, but the art’s not what you’d want. Unless you can tolerate you some Warhammer.


Link in the article back to the source seems to be broken @beschizza

I’ve lived in Taiwan for over a decade now, with no plans to ever leave, and this just cements why I love this country. Yes, the CDC does cool shit like this. And they also have a Line account which sends out multiple daily Covid updates (despite us having no lockdowns, 9 deaths and <1000 cases) which is festooned with Shiba Inus for no good reason. Want to know what else? While everyone in the west is missing going to bars, we’ve started opening them in 7-11s. Actual bars. In 24-hour convenience stores.

Now if we can just get a handle on pollution and income inequality, teach people how to drive, and somehow cause the CCP to implode, this place will be Shangri-la.


5+ year resident of Taiwan here, +1 to all you said
AND the way disinformation is handled here is awesome as well.


Of course there’s also the very relevant Corona-chan | Know Your Meme

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Reminds me of the time Dali visited NYC, carrying a very large Bugs Bunny doll. I saw it on the news. The NYT covered it: “This is the most ugly and frightening animal in the world,” he said of the doll. Surreal then, too.

Gorgeous artwork, but depicting deadly diseases as ‘beautiful’ disturbs me on a deeper level.


Every time I see media and cultural artifacts from Taiwan, I’m thinking it must be a great place to be. It appears to me that people there don’t give a fuck and are considerate and friendly at the same time.

The interesting part, as a Chinese reader, is there are rhymes on every cover. It’d take too long to explain them all, unfortunately, and translation doesn’t do the rhymes justice.


“Rabies” was chilling, but I found “Pertussis” particularly terrifying.

No Cosplayers yet?

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