Take a deep dive into the ASMR world of soap carving

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It takes all kinds.


#3 is not relaxing at all! They keep cutting towards their thumb and I keep expecting it to end in a spray of blood!


I want to give that individual a stern talking to!


I get ASMR all the time, from music that moves me to deep thoughts which give me chills when I ponder them for too long… but stuff like this leaves me unaffected.


Especially uncomfortable when the blade would jump forward toward her thumb with that click!


Yeah… and as someone who has (had? been awhile maybe I am bored of it) clean flash, and cut up table top minis sometimes that is the best way to work the blade. And yes I have made sacrifices to the blood god Khorne doing it. Also they have better tools for cleaning flash now so I should get one of those instead of making do with an X-Acto blade.

can someone pls tell me what these kind of videos are all about? is it OCD porn? I don’t get it.

Videos like this are meant to evoke an ASMR response.

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OK, thought they were going to actually carve something in the soap. Like a little sculpture or something.


I’ve recently been pondering if this video approach would work for a vlog reviewing and demonstrating modular building systems for makers. I’ve been collecting a catalog of building systems for some years that I’d hoped to produce as a creative commons book. But, unable to get the graphic design collaborators for it, I’ve been looking into alternative ways to present this information.

Video seemed likely but, unfortunately, respiratory problems make doing conventional videos a bit difficult for me and I became intrigued by the non-speaking video demonstration approach of the Japanese candy making kit enthusiasts. I think it might be worth a try as an approach for the smaller-scale building systems, combined with chyron for a small amount of supporting text info.

I’m waiting now to hear if the Jergenson Bros. get their new updated line of Grid Beam parts into production as their workbench design might be especially good as both a first project and a micro-studio setting for subsequent videos.

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