Take a look at the Gonzo Gizmo author's favorite tools

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I didn’t know that those were all by the same guy! I loved the Gonzo books and the scitoys site separately and never connected them. Great choice for the show!

Probably not one of those cases where you can find the equivalent for ten dolla.

"I have a vacuum chamber, and this vacuum pump, this one does six cubic feet per minute, which is pretty good. It used to be that vacuum pumps were really expensive, but once the smog dealers needed them in order to take the Freon out of your air conditioner for environmental reasons, everybody needed one and they got cheap.

First off, was that a shot at Refrigeration Mechanics? At least if you want to insult someone get it right. We have been using vacuum pumps in our industry for decades. Vacuum pumps have nothing to do with removing refrigerant from a refrigeration system (Freon is a brand name owned by DuPont, again, get it right) . The piece of machinery you are describing is called a recovery machine, and only entered the industry in the 1990s. A vacuum pumps job is to remove noncondensables (mostly air) from a sealed system. It second job is that by lowering the pressure inside a sealed system it lowers the boiling point of water allowing the system to be dehydrated at normal ambient temperatures.

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