This $10 stainless steel insulated tumbler is almost identical to a $30 Yeti tumbler

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YETI, pay to keep cool.

Upwards of $300.00 for a soft cooler? Give me a break.


The Ozark Trail stuff at WalMart is also just as good and less than half the price of YETI. But I love the colors of the Corksicle lineup.


Yeah, WTF is up with that?

I say if you’re going to spend 30 bucks on something similar then get a thermos. At least it comes with its own cup and it’s larger (usually).

I avoid drinking out of stainless steel (I’m a fan of glass glasses) but I use these stainless tumblers for project material. I usually go for the dollar store ones that aren’t vacuum insulated, though.

The only stainless double-walled tumbler I ever owned would cool off fairly efficiently as the steel interior would transmit heat directly to the steel exterior. And before it cooled off, said conduction made sure I’d burn my lip if I tried to drink it.

edit: to be fair, it doubled as a great hand-warmer.


My brother bought a soft Yeti cooler on Craigslist whose owner let it go super cheap because the zipper was broken. My brother brought the cooler home, sent a pic of the broken zipper to Yeti customer service and they shipped him a brand new replacement cooler at no charge.


FWIW most of the comments on your link to the 30oz Yeti say it’s a counterfeit (the Yeti, not the Polar Drifter).

How is the vacuum layer preventing condensation? The outer surface is not cooled by the internal temp because of a lack of heat conductive molecules?

Looked a bit but couldn’t find one: would like to see a test of a vacuum sealed mug vs same model which vacuum seal was compromised.

Yes! I’m not the only one!

I don’t know why but for me, tea or coffee (especially coffee) tastes dull if my mouth has to make contact with stainless steel to drink it.

For simply storing coffee/tea, stainless is still great. Nowadays when travelling, I either (for long trips) pour from my large insulated stainless Stanley thermos into a ceramic cup/mug or (for most trips) use my double-walled Tim Horton’s ceramic travel mug.


Yup, that’s it exactly. Vacuum flasks are of vital importance in the lab when it comes to dealing with cryogenic temperatures (i.e. liquid nitrogen). Whether or not a $10 steel tumbler will provide the same performance as lab-grade equipment is a different question.


I’m the same. But one good thing about this style of tumbler is that the plastic lid has a raised lip, so your mouth does not touch the stainless steel at all.

must not have been vacuum insulated. you can fill those with boiling water and the outside stays pretty much room temp.


But then he’d definitely burn his lips. Yow!!

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I’ll just leave this here.


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