Take a trip back to November 29, 1965 with this pristine color copy of the music show Hullabaloo

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Take a trip back to November 29, 1965

My bags are packed…


Let me just jot down a few lottery numbers and a patented product or two…


I’m ready to go…


Now I’m crying, so emotional today.


I love Hullabaloo so much. Our beloved defunct neighborhood video store had the entire series on dvd and I rented it twice and binge watched late into the night. There are a lot of amazing musical performances.

Here’s a fun fact–the cutest of the Hullabaloo dancers looked familiar to me so I looked him up, and it turns out he’s Patrick Adiarte, who acted in film and television, including a recurring role on M.A.S.H. as Ho-Jon. That’s why he looked so familiar.


omg, and handsome young Michael Landon is hosting! <3

EDIT: did they just hand off Roger McGuinn’s guitar to Chad to play during the Chad & Jill song? and isn’t that a super-young, clean-shaven David Crosby there in the Byrds? and @lolarusa, you’re totally right – that IS Ho-Jo from MASH! i’d recognize him anywhere.


I dunno - those hunter models were freaking me out.

It’s partially my fault for taking the brown acid.

There is literally zero imagination in the part of the 60’s and 70’s variety show directors/producers. If your band name is the Doors, you perform with a backdrop of doors. If your band name is Byrds, then you get, well, creepy bird hunters. All the shows did this, not just this one.

I am grateful that the Butthole Surfers or Buzzcocks weren’t around and doing the variety show shuffle.

Otherwise, great to see these bands in their prime.



That is a wow! I almost dropped my Bugles and spilled my HiC drink. Very cool earlyish Byrds appearance before David Crosby bully-shamed Gene Clark into playing tambourine instead of guitar.

Have had the good fortune to have had the ‘odd’ chat with Chip Monk the ‘brown acid guy’… lives in Daylesford Australia.

The brown acid warning was more a heads up than a warning :wink:

I can’t go back any further than my own timeline…

Perhaps back then there was much less of an expectation all around for expensive none-value-added glitz and frippery, and more of a regard for the performers and their performances.

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That was cool but what the hell those incredible dancers didn’t get credited at all :frowning:

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