Take a virtual tour of Ramesses VI tomb

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/04/13/take-a-virtual-tour-of-ramesse.html



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Shame the camera they are using has to blur out the ceiling and floor at each spot.

I’m curious about the odd little passageway on the right near the end, where the security camera is mounted.

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It’s probably not a passageway. There’s the same indentation on the other side too, and you can see that all the way around, the decorated square pillars stand out the same distance from the ‘outside’ walls of the room.


Wow! There is so much stuff on the walls there, it’s almost like the Hall of Records.


Oops I missed that. My OCD is now satisfied with the symmetry


that was great while it lasted, but it borked on me. too much interest thanks to Boing Boing?

Flashbacks to late 1980s/early 1990s CRPGs, what with the transition between square locations. Kept expecting to see a group of monsters show up.

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nah, that’s the curse.

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I got about 20 feet down the passageway and the thing completely locked-up my entire system. I had to force-reboot. Are there some minimum system requirements for this? Please tell me this isn’t yet another “Works only in Chrome” site.

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