Take half off this gravity-defying bonsai tree pot

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Take half off this gravity-defying bonsai tree pot, you say?

If I take half off, will it float twice as high?

Oh, PRICE, you mean, HALF-PRICE. Well, why didn’t you say so?

And who says “half off the price”? It’s just “half-price”.


Why spend money when you can just teach your plant Transcendental Medition™ so it can learn how to levitate on it’s own?


Imagine this done with a small forest, and how cool that would look.

I guess if you suspended pots all at the same height with fishing line too that might look cool.

Just thought of this because I was walking by a restaurant a week ago and saw in the window an entire table setting of food on plates utensils and everything suspended mid-air exactly like this I think it was an art piece


This is a novel concept. But once I Googled it I found the same pot for only $35 on eBay and $55 on Amazon. But still a really cool idea.


If you misread “off” as “of” in this headline you really end up confused.

I wonder whether some Chinese factory has recently released a magnetic levitation module to add to your mediocre product.

IMO only, this levitation business is the height of useless gimmick. What a waste of planetary resources to build the thing and run it.

Actually I don’t think most plants would appreciate 24-hour spin. They seem to prefer a stable relationship with their light source. On a rotating & spinning planet, of course.


This seems like a pretty inoffensive decorative product to advertise. Yea. What doesn’t hold up, though, is StackSocial’s continual tradition of overstated discounts from seemingly imaginary retail prices that nobody has ever paid. The claim of “half off the original price” of $199 appears to be demonstrably false.


Even the distributor only claims the “original” price was $149:


Lol plants would def like an evasive maneuver floating defense against people. Mangroves are working on it right now…

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Also, I call bulshit on this BoingBoing Store/StackSocial photo of the product in use holding a substantial bonsai.

If it seems surprising the small magnetically floating pot could support such a tree, that’s because it’s a faked photo, faked, it seems, by StackSocial using a common stock photo of a Bonsai (the photo does not appear AFIK on Floately’s own site):

The fakery wouldn’t matter were this just an ordinary pot - the composite would just be an aesthetic example. The fakery matters in this case because the photo misrepresents the the function of the product and type of load the floating pot can support.

Leave it to StackSocial to figure a way to bring so many ethical issues into the sale of one of their most benign products.


I’d be worried about the stability of the pot, and really angry if I put a bonsai in one and it tipped over and fell.


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