Taking a tour of the world's largest permanent LARPing town

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It’s bigger than Hobbiton? :wink:

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I want to go to there


You know the local ren fair has a permanent “village” for the vendors. I wonder if the do anything with it the other 11 months out of the year.


Yeah, I admired the construction, but I did note a lot of the construction looks like my local faire – Bristol Renaissance Faire. That said, I can absolutely see the appeal of a “rennie only” gathering on this scale.

I’ve worked at my local faire, and still have many friends among the crew, cast, and vendors. Most of us have expressed an interest in seeing something like this, while fully acknowledging the people who are there mostly to drink and gawk are the ones that keep the place funded. If we could get the “outsiders” to just leave their money in a bucket and then leave … :laughing:

(Also, after hours parties are kind of interesting.)


I have heard that!

I have never been to one, but have Ren Fair and SCA friends. I do love to dress up, ever since High School. I have some decent garb!


I’ve seen music festivals and haunted houses on various ren faire grounds.


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