Tamarin sedated so rejected babies can nurse

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/11/17/tamarin-sedated-so-rejected-babies-can-nurse.html


Two words: Food Coma.


This seems like it will cause some…controversy…among medical ethicists once it makes its way into family court rulings.


They note that the mother would be “furious” if she knew, so the zookeepers know it is not only without her consent, but almost certainly against her wishes. Of course, zookeepers engaging in captive breeding programs already exist in an ethically gray area hinging on the expediency of keeping a species from going extinct.


I’m seeing a lovely pairing of sedated human Anti-Abortion activists and orphan babies who desperately need to be fed.

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No expert, but a dose of oxytocin in the mother might help encourage that let down, increase empathy for young and might help her move beyond the postpartum depression.
Sedating her this way, the mother is just going to wake up from this childless dream realizing the trouble she’s left behind will be there when she comes back to.
Maybe these creatures don’t experience the same bond as humans do, but wouldn’t there be other ways to encourage that reward mechanism?

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