TAO: the NSA's hacker plumber-wunderkinds


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All types of packages are being intercepted. I have experienced this a few times. You can see where it was opened and re-taped. What’s to stop them from putting any spyware into the stock at the stores before they hit the shelves?


they are looking to target a certain person, putting it in all computers wouldn’t be better than what they already do.

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They are casting a net over everyone as it stands now. So I’d imagine they might think, “Why not?”.


Nothing but then it would be easier to just grep the internet backbones…

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Well now. There ya go! He didn’t lie after all. Obama DOES operate the ‘most transparent’ administration in US history! It’s only transparent to his own ghouls, but he did it.

Consider - no official, hired or elected, and no agency of this government is safe from the powers that reside with the Commander-in-Chief. Not one of them. He controls every opportunity to corrupt any and every process in this country - up to, and including the courts where the cases against the NSA are now pending, the named plaintiffs, and their attorneys. Complaints that the White House was monitoring the press? Pffft! If not one way, they can simply use another. Any time they want to gin up a ‘suspicion’ of some kind of corruption or perversion against political opposition, he can call up his fave Code Monkeys’ Commandant, and have whatever he likes on whoever he likes. Remember that, next time you see him looking smug in a press release.

It’s done. America is over. Doesn’t even matter who we try to elect, because he owns them, too. As will his successor.

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One of the authors of this article was Jacob Applebaum, whose apartment in Berlin was reportedly broken into one week ago.

I wonder what whomever did that thinks of this latest article?


Aryeh Goretsky


Man, these guys sure love their acronyms. I’ve never seen anything like WHITETAMALE before.

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The NSA is bad, but google and facebook are much worse. Don’t be hypocritical and use these services if you claim to care about your privacy. Instead, you should be using sites like DuckDuckGo, Ravetree, and HushMail. They offer excellent privacy and we should support them if we truly care about our privacy.

This would be just another layer.

Hey, don’t disparage Mario & Luigi by associating them with the assholes at the NSA.

Unicorn chaser?

None of those services has the power to take away your life or liberty.

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