Tattoo artists snark on celebrity tattoos

Or both. But I do know something about irony.

That is not irony. But ok. Carry on.

Yes, art criticism is pernicious and unnecessary.

I don’t know much about tattoos and don’t know who the judges are but daaaaaammmmn Justin Bieber’s ink is absolutely awful. The 8-ball is not even round!

People with hand tattoos arguing that people getting hand tattoos should use henna because at least that washes off? Not irony? I’ll re-calibrate my meter.

Guy at my Subway has several neck tattoos. On a slow day I asked him what they meant, and he went on and on about the spiritual connection with the ink, how he will never conform and rebellion is in his blood. I said that was so cool, but at same time his reality was far from the unshackled beast he was waxing about. I suppose for those 30 seconds while sub is getting toasted, his mind can wander to better times… much like a zoo animal… I’m not in this cage, I’m free-range in Africa with my buds… DING fries are done.

Also if you have very muscular arms with ink, you never cover them up… one cannot help but look at the ink. Sort of like bad breath or meeting a vegetarian for the first time, you will be made aware of it quite quickly.

world class tattoo artists with good ink criticizing wealthy Hollywood types who can afford good tattoos who instead got lousy ones because they were cheap…is not irony.

You clearly didn’t listen to the words, or understand the premise of what they were doing.

My take is that, these guys know what they are talking about and are veterans at their craft. And yet they are on a TV show that is directly responsible for putting really shitty tattoos on people under intense time constraints for entertainment’s sake.

Any criticism these guys have to pass is immediately null. If they had any real integrity they’d be trying to make a better show or not be involved in such a shitty one.

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Aaaaand we’re back to anti-vegetarian snark. Of course.


I have an inkling that were I to get a tattoo, I would never stop.

I would like to get some myself but i have no desire to get a bunch. Been mulling over for years what to get and i’m still not 100% sure on design. Gotta sit down one day and sketch it out

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I know of at least 2 I definitely want to get.

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Cc @Grey_Devil I have two so far and planned 5 more. It’s addictive but can get expensive. I personally feel ink is definitely a “pay for what you get” situation. There is no law of diminishing returns.

Third one is coming next month.


I have one planned I’m not allowing myself to get until my first book is published.

I hope that’s sooner not later! Message me what the book is about. I’d love to hear and support if I can.

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