Taunton cookies with gummi guts!


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Tauntaun is spelled Tauntaun.


Stop tauntin’ 'im.


Tauntons smell better on the inside than Tauntauns do. Probably taste a lot
better, as well. On the other hand, Tauntauns can keep you warm on those
cold Hoth nights better than Tauntons can.


Great idea! Pull-and-peel twizzlers may provide more lifelike guts, if verisimilitude in baking is your thing.


This reminds me of one time some pervert travelled across the galaxy just to get inside a Taunton.


Taunton is known for its cider, but I don’t know about its cookies.


Give the kids a real surprise – fill 'em with chitlins.


Isn’t that a Tauntology?


Darth Vader was from Bristol, perhaps Tauntauns are from Somerset?


Ravioli with garlic sauce stuffed with gorgonzola. Shape it like the critter.

Then you can use the line.


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