Taunton hoodie with guts lining


Interesting, But does it smell bad on the outside?


damn, beat me to it!

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Yes, kid, but it’ll keep you warm until I get the shelter up.


It’s a great idea, I guess, but no-one is going to see the “guts”, and no-one is going to think it’s anything but a cow.


It should come with a sack of pig intestines, just to give you that Taunton stench.

Damn, beat everyone to it.

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No, but drape it on a fan and it will soon smell worse on the inside.

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yeah, the horns are way off, making it look only like a cow. otherwise great idea!

There are some ideas that may seem to be really clever but are also just tempting fate. I have a few rules on things not to wear:

  • Never wear antlers in a forest during deer season unless you enjoy dodging bullets from enthusiastic Red Necks.
  • Don’t wear shirts with big, round target faces on them, like some archery clubs print up as club shirts, unless you want to be shot full of arrows.
  • Never dress up as a heavy punching bag for Halloween unless you want to be punched by people who think your costume is hilariously funny, and even more so if they use you as an actual punching bag.
  • And don’t wear a Taunton hoodie unless you want some drunken Star Wars fan to gut you and sleep in your slowly cooling corpse.

Just say no to clever, bad ideas.



Braving the winter chill in that? You’ll freeze before you reach the first marker!


Needs more Somerset.


Didn’t this originate as an April Fools item? I seem to recall a sleeping bag just like this, complete with lightsaber zipper pull.

EDIT: Okay, apparently that exists too now! https://www.thinkgeek.com/product/bb2e/

In fact, it will keep you Luke warm.


GREAT! Now I can do this if I ever meet George Lucas! My dreams have been answered!

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