AT-AT cardigan


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wat the bros don’t get no love?


Anybody can wear a cardigan!

Though I think the size and placement of the AT-ATs could be improved.


They’re converging on a topographical feature known as “Beggar’s Canyon.”


I think I’m upset simply b/c I don’t own any AT-AT emblazoned clothing…

I’m also seriously pissed that whoever is running is no longer selling t-shirts that are worth a shit. Finally had to give up my “Not For Sale” t-shirt (sniff) the other day. Thinkgeek has some good stuff–what are some other good t-shirt providers online? Cafepress seems meh, but maybe I didn’t look very deep.


Know anyone who knits? There are a couple of AT-ATs in the chart for this scarf:


Not a cardigan, but you can borrow my sweater…


I may actually try this


^^^the money I don’t have :sob:

I swear to the FSM when I have a full time job again I’m going to replace half my wardrobe with stuff like this.


You should!


Here’s another AT-AT sweater, but 1) it’s 100% acrylic, and 2) not my particular style:


Yuck, acrylic! They could’ve charged a wee bit extra for cotton or wool and I’d put it on my wishlist.


If you wear it inside out is it a Ta Ta sweater?


Take a peek at Threadless. They have some fun designs, and the shirts are comfortable and well-made.


Every sweater is a Ta Ta sweater if you do it right


Exactly what I was after–thanks.


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