Tax-funded NZ company sold mass surveillance tech to torturers and GCHQ

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For those of you who understand New Zealand in terms of Lord of the Rings, Auckland is basically Mordor. Full of volcanoes and corrupt empty suits thirsting eternally for power. Doesn’t surprise me in the least to see they’ve forged another implement of mass control.


Once the UK has left the EU, I’m sure we will quickly establish a free trade agreement with New Zealand for mass surveillance and torture equipment. What politician could possibly object? GCHQ has got the dirt on all of them (I doubt there’s anybody who doesn’t have dirt that can’t be uncovered by enough spying.)

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From the intercept article:

The Auckland-based company’s motto is “power to see all” and its logo is an eye.


I’m an endace customer. I first experienced one of their products around a decade ago.

The network capture stuff they sell is just a tool. It (or something like it) is necessary for the operation and troubleshooting of any sizable network. Can it be used for evil? Sure, but that’s the tricky thing about tools. Until I’m done with the job, you don’t know whether I’m going to use this screwdriver to tighten a screw or to poke you in the eye.

Am I delighted to know they sell to torturers? Of course not. But I don’t know enough about Morocco’s human rights record to know if I should be really outraged here. I mean… The Moroccan government buys other stuff too, right? Should I be outraged at Volvo for selling them trucks? Trucks are tools too…

And it wants the preciousss. (I know. Obvious. But somebody has to say it.)


What’s worrying to me is the relative cheapness of the equipment. This makes it accessible to a larger range of entities, and promotes the implementation of these things.

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