Taylor Swift escapes her enclosure at Sacramento Zoo


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I’mma let you finish your escape, but Koko the gorilla was the greatest animal in captivity of all time.




She needed out to tell the other animals to vote.

“Vote, critters! Vote bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuue!!!11!!!1!!!”


… it’s not a sequel to Zootopia? /rimshot


Yeah, I thought I recognized her.


They need to replace that antelope with a can’t-elope.


Was expecting a Ruben Bolling cartoon…


I worked a TS concert a few years ago… director told me to have fun, but at a certain point called ‘The Tear’ , I had to have a tight shot of her face and he would cut to me… so she’s doing her strutting and such, singing some emotional song, then I hear “Ok #5, go for the tear” and on cue, she stops, turns to my lens and a big tear rolls goes down her cheek, the lighting made is glisten … 3 seconds later music starts up and she’s off dancing again.

After I heard so many teenyboppers remarking how sensitive she is, and that when she cried they really connected with her. Ugggggggggggg…

Falling offstage is usually the only authentic unplanned thing at those concerts.



So, she’s a consummate professional?


And probably no more or less contrived than literally any other major artist working in the industry…


“When performers perform on stage they’re performing.”

Did I capture your sentiment correctly?


So bongos are, according to wikipedia, at ~4 foot at the shoulder, “among the largest of the African forest antelope species”:

The phrase forest antelope seems a bit odd to me probably because of all those nature specials about grassland antelope. These must hide (bongo stripes must be camo) instead of run, and they are of course on the small side.

Forest antelope get very small indeed, the smallest being the flipping adorable royal antelope:




Which is exactly why they are the easiest grazing animal to play.


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