Taylor Swift has every song in the U.S. top 10

I mean, I guess if you only listen to what’s on the charts, then yeah… There are thousands upon thousands of alternatives out there, even in pop music… No one is forcing you to be a Swifty, but this does say something about her wider popularity if nothing else. I doubt even her most hardcore fans are only listening to her, but have a wide selection of music that they listen to.


No, dear, that’s Twitter.


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The older I’ve gotten the more mainstream my music listening has gotten. But I think some of Taylor’s success comes from singing her own songs, where a lot of the ladies in pop music who are very talented singers (and probably technically better singers than Taylor Swift) don’t write their own songs. I don’t think Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez always get songs that show off their talents. And for some reason Miley Cyrus is like, the Queen of covering old rock songs?

True… but not like that’s a new thing in pop music. That used to be the way things were done… You generally don’t see people complaining about how Ella Fitzgerald didn’t write her own stuff!


I guess she managed to find a team that put her and what she wants to do as an artist at the center of things, rather than doing what some middle-aged marketing guy believes is popular? Good for her!

But almost always, these complaints about inauthenticity, and pop ruling the charts, are aimed at women in the industry, and the young women that tend to consume their music. There has always been a major gender bias against pop marketed to young women. I doubt that will change anytime soon!


I mean that’s true but also, I don’t listen to any male pop stars really. Just like, pop-emo like Fall Out Boy and stuff like that. Like, the women get all the criticism but they’re also dominating pop music.

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I suspect those two facts are intimately related! :grimacing:

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Okay I’ll bite:

  1. Open duckduckgo.com
  2. Type “obituary” into the search field.
  3. Select Image results.
    Top result is GOAT. I mean, they must have done something to get to that place!

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