Taylor Swift tops chart with accidental release of 8 seconds of white noise


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Accidental, my ass. Like the Beatles “accidentally” released Revolution 9… This is brilliant!

Unlike the Americans, I guess the Canadians just “get it” … kinda like the Tragically Hip…

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There is indeed a lot more to Taylor Swift under the surface.

Absolutely Go! Taylor. I saw her in interview the other day on the Graham Norton show - bright, funny, alert, ironic.

Love her.

To be fair, I’m sure I’d enjoy it more than any of her previous tracks. Seems entirely reasonable to me.

They should do pink noise next. Less edgy sound, more ambient.


Pootie done did it again!


I dont know if this belongs here, the Awful song thread or the Awesome song thread

Aaaaand now Shake It Off is stuck in my head again. Thanks, BB.

Incidentally, though I’m not particularly a fan of her music (catchy though it may be, it’s just not really my style), Taylor Swift as a person seems to be fairly entertaining. I was watching the outtakes from the Shake It Off video with my kids on YouTube, and I like that she doesn’t take herself super seriously.

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Isn’t this the track that Microsoft gifted to their loyal Zune users?


Christ, every time there’s a new noise track released, the pink-brigade is out in force. GIVE IT A REST ALREADY. The noise wars were fought in the 90s; the people have spoken, and nobody wants to hear that sleepytime crap anymore. You can’t dance to it, for one thing. Ironically enough, everybody who likes pink noise is so tiresome.

Getting nothing but static, getting nothing but static
Static in my attic from Channel Z


It’s a Kid606 cover!

(Please don’t waste 79p on this!)

You laugh, but I just saw her do a set with The Haters in an abandoned paint factory. All the kids will be dancing to Cut Hands next year. Trust me.

My first response was “I guess CBC is a satirical news site now.”

Kaki King got there first.

No, no, no. It was her reprise of 4’33". Except that they didn’t ground the mic properly.


That would give a lot of that pesky omnipresent 50 or 60 Hz hum instead of just noise. White noise comes more from the amplifier itself than from wiring.

…and from the exact timing differences of the zero crossings of the mains hum signal, and the known and recorded behavior of the power grid (there is some jitter/drift in the mains frequency), it is possible to divine the time and maybe very approximate location when the recording was done. One of the fun parts of acoustic forensics.

It was sitting on top of her iPad.

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