Teacher who set "sex toy selfie" homework suspended

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O. Ha ha. It was just a joke…

The ‘it was just a joke’ defense is common for those who make some egregious error.

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I am surprised that schools would bother to have rules against this sort of thing. People are weird.

Well not the right thing to say to a high school class,cause even if the students all correctly assume it is a joke one will do what was done just to cause a scene, and to not follow it up with, no seriously don’t do this I was just seeing if you are paying attention was a big mistake.

Aspect ratio matters.


But even if they do it, what difference does it make? It just sounds like people getting uptight about nonsense.

FWIW I was precisely the kind of kid who would have done this - although my parents had no toys, so I would have used my own.

Am I the only person who thinks the problem with this assignment is that it required his students to violate someone else’s privacy?


It’s surprising that the school has a rule against asking your students to rummage through someone else’s private belongings, document them with a photograph(that would be embarrassing to a lot of people), and then bring the photograph in to share with the teacher/class?

This sounds like it should have been taken as a joke and not a real assignment, so the punishment seems a bit much. But if given as a real assignment, it would be well out out of bounds for a teacher to give.

Yes, if this is even true. The interviewed parent said:

It was to go into your parents’ private drawers or whatever

The “or whatever” suggests that the assignment is being subject to their interpretation. Do we know that that the teacher really stipulated this? If so, why quote the parent instead of the teacher?

I’ve got lots of toys, but I don’t believe in “private belongings”, so YMMV. Some privacy, such as financial records actually protects my family security. But it would never occur to me that this would apply to sex toys.

I think it is quite well established now that your views on many things, particularly things sexual, fall outside the generally accepted norms of current-day American society. So you can probably stop being surprised every time something like this happens.

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