Teaching police departments about autism

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That’s awesome, but now can we teach the Po Po to stop killing American citizens? Asking for the inhabitants of the USA…


…OR spend that money (and some of the general police budget for good measure) on an alternate system staffed by mental health professionals for family members to call when one of their own is in need. You know, someone who won’t bring a gun, an authority personality, and a circulatory system awash in steroids.

Not as snappy as “Defund The Police”, but I’m sure some centrist language apparatchiks will still call it “unhelpful”.


That photo…

Let’s first demilitarize the police. There is no good reason for the police to wear such tactical gear.

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Yep, just the cops’ presence will escalate a situation, naturally. So this is the right tactic for mental health crises, send in someone with the right training and the right presence.

I’ve had a couple of friends that turned into cops. From talking to them over time, what I’ve learned is that another name for their job could be social worker with a gun. Aside: One of those friends’ second wife was a deputy working the local county jail. He called her a ‘jailer’. He also called the highway patrol a glorified AAA service (AAA is American Automobile Association, a ‘club’ that most famously provides roadside assistance to motorists stranded due to issues with their vehicle).

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